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The Vital Role of the IWMA

Our member companies employ more than 7,000 people directly and have a combined annual financial turnover of approximately €1.6 billion.

Our members collect 95% of the household waste currently managed in Ireland and the vast bulk of the commercial, industrial and hazardous wastes.

Our members processed approximately 6.5 million tonnes of waste at our 118 waste management facilities in 2019.  The bulk of this waste was recycled or otherwise recovered.  All our member’s facilities are either licensed by the EPA or operated under a local authority permit.

Here is breakdown of the facilities operated by IWMA Members:

Type of FacilityNumber of FacilitiesOperational Capacity (tonnes)2019 Throughput (tonnes)
Non Hazardous Transfer & Pre-Treatment Facilities694,821,6533,680,118
Materials Recovery Facilities (sorting recyclables)10694,670648,582
Biological Treatment Facilities
Energy from Waste facilities
(Modern incinerator)
Residual Waste Landfill
Hazardous Waste Transfer & Treatment Facilities (2013 data)10508,257225,203
Metal Recycling Facilities (2018 data)15700,000 (TBC)531,314